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Winter Update ’09

Posted on Dec 14th, 2009 by Nate Bolt

Above: No two ethernet snowflakes are exactly alike. This photo was taken from the roof of our office by the boltron.

We Helped Stanford Battle H1N1 Using the Power of Design and Google

Bolt | Peters recently advised Stanford University and various public health departments on the design of a Google Sites template for H1N1 and general emergency information. It was a fascinating design challenge on a breakneck deadline, and we’ve documented the whole process on the B|P blog!

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15% Off Our Services in December

It’s well-known that remote research reverses climate change and cures swine flu, but did you know that it also makes an amazing holiday gift? We’re giving 15% off on all remote studies, training, and expert design evaluation that’s booked through the month of December. It doesn’t have to be completed, but just started. You know how that goes. Drop us an email!

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Time-Aware Research is the Heart and Soul of Accurate Behavioral Data

By now UX researchers are familiar with the importance of understanding the usage context of an interface–the physical environment where people are normally using an interface. Remote research opens the door to conducting research that also happens at the moment in people’s real lives when they’re performing a task of interest.

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We’re Moving to 576 Natoma!

It’s only two blocks from our current office in SOMA, San Francisco, but after three years at our current awesome space, we finally have to move. Luckily we found a sweet 4,000sq ft space close by that will be our very own whole building, with room for workshops, events, and our rocking team of six UX researchers, designers, cognitive scientists, artists, and rappers. We just signed the lease and will be all moved in by the new year. In addition, we’ll be sharing the space with our new developer homies at Exygy. Stay tuned for our 8yr party / house warming in 2010!

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Web and Flow: A Short History of the Interwebnetz in SF

They say that the only industries that made money after the Gold Rush were shovels and blue jeans. In the last fifteen-or-so years, SF has seen another rush, this time to the Internet; so what will be the real cashmaker this time around? Our bet’s on iPhones and skinny jeans. Anyway, we’re working on a stop-motion video timeline of Web companies in SF. We could really use your help making sure we get the history right, so please check out our list and add any web companies we’ve forgot or messed up as a comment. One rule – the company has to still be around. So like Flickr counts, but maybe not And as Dan Harrelson pointed out, we will consider companies that enable the web also, in addition to startups and agencies. Anyone all up on the net.


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We’re on Yelp now! Want to praise us to the skies for a past user research study, design project, or our little-known sideline in pastry catering? Want to nag us for the time we left the cake in the rain? Follow that link!

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