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Summer ’09 Update

Posted on Sep 2nd, 2009 by Nate Bolt

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Above: pieces to the remote puzzle exercise at our Escape The Lab workshop. You got this update from Bolt | Peters, a research firm in SF, because you know us, have attended an event, or use the Ethnio mothership.

Escape The Lab Sold Out!

On August 26th we trained a packed room of UX researchers in the key techniques of remote user research at our first-ever workshop, Escape The Lab. It was rad, and we got a 92% approval rating. Of course, we can train your team in remote methods too – drop us a line to learn more, check out the ETLAB twitter chatter, or peruse the pictures (which were taken by the mad-skilled Lisbetho):

Photos from Escape the Lab

Vote for This SXSW Panel Please

Want to hear the ultimate research war stories at next year’s SXSW? Then vote for our panel, “FAIL: When User Research Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong” featuring our own Nate Bolt, along with Steve Portigal of Portigal Consulting, Dan Saffer from Kicker Studiors, Mark Trammell at Digg, and Aviva Rosenstein from These grizzled veterans share their most embarrassing research fiascos so that everyone can learn. Should be enlightening and hilarious.

Vote for Nate, Steve Portigal, Dan Saffer, Aviva Rosenstein, and Mark Trammell! »

Top Ten UX Mistakes on Consumer Websites

Nobody loves top ten lists more than the internet, and since we’ve conducted user research on roughly a thousand million consumer web sites, we thought it might be nice to list the top ten mistakes we see large organizations make with their websites’ user experience.

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Still Freaking Out That Gmail Went Down

Like many in the webs, we’re still jittery and panic-striken from Gmail going down this week for a whole 100 minutes. We’ll be okay though.

Btw, Our Research Rocks

We’ve recently finished remote studies for, Autodesk, Esurance, and lots of other folks. Happy to talk with you about your UX situation, as always.

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