Here's the thing - Bolt | Peters was acquired by Facebook. This site will live on.

About B|P

Bolt | Peters became part of Facebook in May of 2012. Nate Bolt and Craig Peters founded it in 2002, after pioneering remote research methods in the User Experience department at Clear Ink, a web agency located in Walnut Creek, CA. Since then, B|P worked on over 200 interaction research and design projects with more than 100 clients. Having won numerous awards, including the grand-prize video definition of “information architecture” from the IAI, below, B|P continues to tap visual storytelling to inspire better design and bring accurate research to developers and product strategists.

Our approach to user research is based on the idea that talking to real users with real motivations matters. Instead of getting our participants through an agency or an email list, we recruit the actual visitors to a website, using our web tool Ethnio. We contact the qualified recruits immediately after they fill out the form to begin the research session right away, watching the way they use your product in real life.

We also hold events and workshops, perform expert experience design, and train people in remote user research methods.

With roughly six employees, one dog, and one robot that feeds the dog treats, we work hard to improve the social, personal, and cultural role of technology.