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How B|P Researched Spore

September 9, 2008 7 comments

So we’ve been beating around the bush for the past year or so about this top secret game research project of ours, and now that the game has finally hit the streets, we’re bringing the news to you in all its full glory. How did we test the game? Who did we talk to? Do […]

Remote is Better, pt. 2: We’re in ur computer

June 16, 2008 517 comments

In our continuing “Remote is Better” series, we explain yet another benefit of remote research methodologies: since you get to talk to people who are using their own computers, you get to see all the fascinating stuff on their computer desktops and web browsers (with their permission, of course). Since we use UserVue to screenshare […]

Remote is Better, pt. 1: Getting Clients’ Hands Dirty

March 31, 2008 463 comments

In this inaugural entry in our B|P continuing series “Remote is Better”, we discuss how separating the moderator and the user eliminates the need for “two-way mirrors”–now you can get your clients into the driver’s seat with you (metaphorically). We show you how! Lots of people think of remote research as a trade-off or a […]