Here's the thing - Bolt | Peters was acquired by Facebook. This site will live on.

What can your team accomplish in one day? A lot, actually.


Bring your whole team together for one day

for a remote research session with real users, facilitated by Bolt | Peters. In the morning, you’ll observe several users interacting with your site, live, from their own computers. In the afternoon, a directed brainstorming session will draw out the most important findings and identify critical behaviors.

What level of insight do we get?

Honestly, it could be anything from “people have trouble finding the product they’re interested in” to “the way we’re asking the Age question on the signup form is causing 50% of users to answer it wrong” to “these users aren’t actually who we think they are”. Whatever you find out will be authentic and visible to everyone, and we’ll be there to guide your team through understanding what it means and what to do next.


The UX Blitz only works for sites that have at least 10,000 unique visits per day (the threshold for effective live recruiting of users). In addition, since the point is to get everybody on the same page, we need your whole team to commit to hanging out with us for the whole day.


Video highlights: We’ll create highlight reels (suitable for PowerPoint embedding) surrounding each important issue we find and send you your movies a week later.
Design sketches: We’ll hand-draw the most important recommendations as inspiration for your design and development teams.

Your UX Situation:

Real change is only possible when your whole team, from executive stakeholders to engineers, is in sync about how business objectives and user needs fit together. The UX Blitz gives you a full day to observe your users and brainstorm real changes based on their behavior.

“When Bolt | Peters is on-site, the usability findings are much more real to everyone……we can apply what we see real-time. Everyone from Marketing is invited.”

–Carla Silvey, Director of User Interface, Esurance