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Bolt | Peters is the world leader in remote usability testing, having conducted 250+ studies with over 5,000 participants, and written the book. We keep study participants in their native computing and physical environments. Here’s an outline of our remote research methodology:

Phase 1: Setup & Recruiting

The first thing we do is shut up and listen to you. The blueprint of project and business goals is based on kick-off meetings and background information. Each key component of the project (business, user, site, and testing goals) is outlined and approved. We also detail the audience demographics and other relevant background information.

Based on the study goals and user segment definition, we find the right users to talk to. We strongly prefer live recruiting our participants, but we can use other recruiting methods based on the needs of the project.

PDF Goals & Objectives
PDF Project Schedule

Phase 2: Testing

Using an online screen sharing tool, we observe and record users’ desktop behavior and record the audio from our phone conversation while they are using the site. We typically use Acrobat Connect to conduct remote usability test sessions, but also use LiveLook, GoToMeeting, and others depending on the needs of the study. Before beginning the actual study, we ask a member of your team to participate in a complete test session. By participating in the study from the user’s perspective, you can ensure that all the questions and tasks are appropriate for your target audience.

IE Ethnio
Web Site
PDF Moderator Script
PDF Recruiting Quotas
22 XLS

Phase 3: Analysis & Deliverables

We create a spreadsheet in which user behaviors and comments are tagged and categorized, then correlate the behavior and feedback with the video, and review each class of feedback from users. We filter the data through your business, technical, and strategic constraints, so we don’t make ridiculous recommendations that you could never implement. We also focus heavily on recommendations, rather than just giving you a list of problems with no solutions. Recommendations are based on participants’ self-reported feedback, their attitudes expressed during the study, and their behavior using your web site, application, or product, as well as our own experience after nearly a decade of remote research. We also iterate up to three times with you to make sure the documents and videos are exactly suited to your needs.

PDF Usability Recommendations
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Sample Highlight Video – Wikipedia

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