Here's the thing - Bolt | Peters was acquired by Facebook. This site will live on.


B|P specializes in creative interaction research, with an emphasis on remote user experience testing, game research, collaborative design, and the occasional in-person usability project. We do work on web sites, mobile apps and hardware, web applications, software, and physical devices. We uncover where your interface meets users’ objectives, where customers experience critical difficulties, and how business practices and interface design work together to improve your business.

Live Remote Research »

We observe people in their natural environments by watching their screen movements and listening to their comments over the phone. We do this moderated testing in small samples of, say, 15 users, or using automated tools to test with hundreds of participants.

Mobile Research »

When you need to understand the way people use mobile interfaces, the physical environment and context around their usage is critical. We offer a host of creative study designs for mobile and tablet device research. Whether it’s in a comfortable lab streaming live remotely to your team, or in the field streaming live, you’ve got to see it happen. We even offer mirrored direct output from the iPad 2 – one of the first devices to allow this kind of display.

UX Blitz »

Bring your whole team together for a one-day remote research session with real users, facilitated by Bolt | Peters. In the morning, you’ll observe several users interacting with your site, live, from their own computers. In the afternoon, a directed brainstorming session will draw out the most important findings and identify critical behaviors.

Training »

Getting started with remote usability? We offer training for user experience research departments, small teams, consultants, or anyone looking to use tools like Ethnio, the Astoria Project Beta, and even Morae and Web Conferencing tools.

Game Research »

The B|P simulated native environment research division (yeah, SNERD) brings the same native environment focus to assessing gameplay experience as our other remote research methods, in an area where remote observation isn’t always technically feasible.