2004 Holiday Newsletter
Happy Holidays!
Bolt | Peters would like to wish you happy holidays and a wonderful new year. We are wrapping up the year here with a new office, three new team members, and the Alpha release of our new remote usability testing software! We would love to hear what you've been up to, so drop us a line and let us know.

Our New SOMA Digs
We've moved our satellite office! It's now at 854 Folsom Street in San Francisco -- right down the block from Yerba Buena Gardens and MOMA. We now have four permanent remote usability testing stations here, which can be used concurrently to test up to 20 users per day, as well as big leather couches and a full bar. Come visit! Of course, we still have our main office at One Market Street in San Francisco where we conduct our lab-based usability test sessions.

B|P Expands Its Staff
To meet growing customer demand, we have made three new hires in 2004. Senior Information Architect Benjamin Lerch brings to B|P eight years of user interface research and design experience; Information Architect Brian Enright is the third graduate of UC San Diego's Distributed Cognition HCI program to join B|P. Jocelyn Wine is our new office manager handling the ever-increasing load of administrative tasks. Thank you Jocelyn!

Techinsurance and B|P = 103% Increase in Sales
Techinsurance and B|P share the belief that improved user experience leads directly to the success of online products in the marketplace. This mutual understanding was so strong that both parties committed to an agreement structured around payment as a percentage of improved conversion rates for contractedge.com, a legal software web site. Techinsurance implemented the B|P usability recommendations for contractedge.com, and as a result saw a conversion rate increase of 103%!

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B|P Improves Web Usability for Dolby Laboratories
Dolby asked B|P to conduct usability research as part of an effort to completely re-design the Dolby website. Based on the findings from the first round of research that B|P conducted, Dolby was able to improve key areas of the site in the redesign, including site navigation, content structure and screen flow. The second phase was completed in November measuring usability improvements of the re-designed site compared to the previous one.

Alpha Release -- B|P's Remote Usability Software
It's almost ready to be unveiled – B|P's Remote Usability Testing software that will enable organizations to conduct their own moderated remote usability test sessions instead of using a patchwork of other tools. The web-based software will automate the technical tasks of screen sharing and click-stream data capture, enabling usability professionals to focus on what they do best: evaluating user behavior. Since our software is 100% web-based, no installation or IT resources are required. Organizations and individual usability professionals will log-on and reap the benefits of moderated online usability testing and data capture.

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