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Spore Research: Oh Snap That Was Us
When Will Wright and EA dropped Spore, their newest and most ambitious video game to date, they contacted B|P to study players' experience and see if they were having fun. So we came up with SNERD, a game research methodology that simulates a native gaming environment, uses touch screens to gather input, broadcasts 18 live video streams, and took the power down for our entire block. On the reals, we researched 59 individual gamers playing 393 hours over 13 months to help the Spore team hone the player experience. That's a whole lot of players swearing, and it's all in the outtakes video.
spore research outtakes video

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Ethnio Goes Multi-platinum
Since we made Ethnio free and awesome, there have been over 6 million people who have seen an Ethnio recruiting screener, 250,000 people who have filled one out, and over 20 requests per second to the ol' Ethnio servers. That is so holy crap. Big thanks to everyone who has used it over the years, and sorry for the down time and time-outs and time-warps. We learned it from Twitter (burn!). With some help from a few local Rails geniuses, we'll be eliminating the downtime and dishing out more of the raw recruiting vengeance you can't help but love.
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Take the Remote Challenge!

Are you still testing users in a lab? Sign up for your first remote study with B|P, and if you don't like it better than the lab, we'll give you your money back - seriously. How serious, you ask? Up to $30k serious. (Some restrictions apply, of course, but it's on the honor system, so go here to take the challenge.)

"Lab testing is soooo last year..."
    - Brian Beaver, Director, Creative Services / Sony Electronics, Inc.

"Lab testing is like pornography --
bad lighting, awkward, and much about it is fake. Remote testing is messy, real, and honest, just like getting it on."
    - Peter Merholtz, President, Adaptive Path

"Lab testing is cool if you like to waste money
and eat M&Ms. Remote testing is cool if you actually want to know what your users think."
    - Maya Pacheco, Senior Product Manager, Autodesk.com

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Vote for B|P @ SXSW
Nate will also be participating on a panel about user research at SXSW this year - if you vote that is. So you know what would super help us out? If you went ahead and voted for the aforementioned panel. You have to make a quick annoying account (sorry), but please remember that not voting for our panel is like voting for some other, more boring panel that nobody wants to sit through.

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BayCHI and UX Magazine
On Aug. 12th 2008, literally dozens of BayCHI attendees fled the packed PARC conference hall after the sheer exuberance of Nate Bolt's talk, "in the moment: research about life not just interfaces," brought down the roof, which was on fire. Nobody was permanently harmed, but nearly half in attendance remain severely rocked. On top of that, User Experience Magazine, which I'm sure you read "just for the articles", has published our article on client participation in remote research. That is a quick follow up to CHI accepting Tony and Nate's paper, "Science of Fun: One-to-Many Moderating" that we used for Spore testing. This goes to show that enough talent, hard work, insight, and blackmail will get you published just about anywhere.

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