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We Make Some Pretty Weird Videos

We make a lot of technology-related videos, some relate to our UX research and design practice, and some do not. Time is a central theme in most of our research, so time-lapse and stop motion are of particular interest. We made a spin-off studio, Beep Show, which is really just Nate Bolt and Kate Nartker. Videos are in order of whatever we feel like, god:



Jumboltron. A Crowd-sourced Jumbotron (Coming Soon)



Brooklyn Beta (2011)

Collaboration with Captain & The Fox made possible through the generosity of Restoration Hardware lending us this cart.



So You Want to Use The Web to Conduct User Research? (2010)



What It’s Like to be a Dog Toy (2012)

Made possible by IcelandAir. Go to Iceland, please.



SF to Paris in Two Minutes (2011)



Robotic Dog Treat Dispenser (2006)



iPad vs. iPhone In-Store User Experience (2010)



A Dinosaur Family Explains Information Architecture (2008)



Spore Video Game Out Takes (PROFANITY, yay) 2009



Ethnio Felt Stop Motion Explanation



Let’s Not Embed These, but Still