Here's the thing - Bolt | Peters was acquired by Facebook. This site will live on.

Interaction Design

After a decade of conducting over 200 user research projects with clients including Sony, Autodesk, HP, Electronic Arts, and AAA, we’ve seen every kind of user behavior under the clear blue sky. And we know how to design things to make them useful, relevant, and interesting for users.

We perform deep interaction design and usability evaluations, produce sketches and mockups, and do whatever it takes to communicate the issues surrounding your interface, with a focus on how people will use your product. It’s great for usability evaluations, big redesigns, and major conceptual rethinks. Check out some examples of our past deliverables below:

MockupDesign mockup for faceted product search



Pen and ink design sketches for product navigation

taskflow_fullsizeExplaining users’ shopping process, in three simple graphs