Here's the thing - Bolt | Peters was acquired by Facebook. This site will live on.

B|P Helps Warner Music deliver Better Music Sites.

Problem: How do we make the best possible experience for fans of WMG artists?

Warner Elektra Atlantic wanted to deeply understand how fans connect with their favorite artists on the internet.  At the same time, in order to build a case for change to their artist site platform, they needed hard data that would stand up to internal review.  They asked Bolt | Peters to compile this data.

Solution: Merging of qualitative and quantitative.

Using Ethnio, B | P recruited 318 participants. For each of 3 artist sites, they interviewed 6 visitors and presented a Usabilla study to 100.   Combining qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques, B | P modeled fan engagement and identified the moments of opportunity.  They also explored which website features gave fans a sense of authentic engagement with their favorites, and which were confusing or distracting.  All throughout the study, B | P maintained high standards of conducting research by adhering to the ethnical guidelines found in the ICC/Esomar International Code on Market and Social Research.

Results: Recommendations are in the process of being implemented.

The study was a resounding success – Warner took our recommendations, and are currently revising their platforms in an attempt to simplify the navigation.