Here's the thing - Bolt | Peters was acquired by Facebook. This site will live on.

B|P creates personas for Dolby using progressive research techniques.

Problem: Big Market

Dolby asked Bolt | Peters to create realistic personas that could serve as a foundation for future projects.  They wanted to understand the behavior of their consumer and see a visualization of their entire market.

Progressive Personas: Behavior is King

Bolt | Peters took a progressive approach to persona development – they ignored user circumstance and demographics, instead focusing entirely on user behavior.  Twenty interviews and much quantitative and qualitative analysis led B | P to identify 6 unique personas, each with a distinct preference in consumer electronics.  What was unique to these personas was that each persona represented a multitude of demographics that shared similar entertainment behaviors in shopping and information sharing and gathering.

Results: Dolby Better Understands Their Customers.

Each persona painted a realistic picture of what a typical Dolby consumer might be looking for in their entertainment systems, allowing Dolby to more effectively strategize to meet their customers’ needs.