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The Remote Challenge

Posted on Oct 14th, 2008 by Nate Bolt
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Take the Remote Challenge!
Are you still testing users in a lab? Sign up for your first remote study with B|P, and if you don’t like it better than the lab, we’ll give you your money back – seriously. How serious, you ask? Up to $30k serious. (Some restrictions apply, of course, but it’s on the honor system, so go here to take the challenge.)

“Lab testing is soooo last year…”
– Brian Beaver, Director, Creative Services / Sony Electronics, Inc.

“Lab testing is like pornography —
bad lighting, awkward, and much about it is fake. Remote testing is messy, real, and honest, just like getting it on.”
– Peter Merholtz, President, Adaptive Path

“Lab testing is cool if you like to waste money
and eat M&Ms. Remote testing is cool if you actually want to know what your users think.”
– Maya Pacheco, Senior Product Manager,

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