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The Booth that Gives Back!

Posted on May 8th, 2007 by Mike Vattuone
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For the sake of humanity, let me bullet point the B|P booth methodology.

  • Find a local salvation army thrift store.
  • Buy a van-full of the (best/tackiest) furniture you can get your hands on.
  • (Optional) buy a slew of records from the 1970s (to play on the turntable you brought).
  • Create your virtual living room.
  • Donate all of your bounty back to salvation army at the end of the conference (except that amazing red clock – that’s a keeper).

After walking the CHI2007 circuit that called for heavy duty shmoozin & recruitin, it took visitors a second to figure out what to make of the remote usability living room. We co-hosted with our pal Steve August from Revelation.

Since we love talking to users in their most natural, laid back state, we thought it only fitting to provide a retro lounge for our CHI friends, where they could take a break from thinking too hard. People got into it — takin a load off in a recliner, listenin to pat benatar on vinyl, and smokin candy cigarettes.

Which bring us to the second most popular question we heard: where in the world did you get those candy cigs? Nothing but retro candy at

See more photos of our CHI 2007 booth here.