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Remote Tasting, or: We Brought Mike to Lunch

Posted on Dec 17th, 2007 by Nate Bolt
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We wanted a way to include our B|P homie Mike in our holiday lunch, but he works from London now, and flying him out just for lunch seemed a tad much. So instead, we decided to bring him with us remotely. All we needed was one laptop with a big-ass battery, one EVDO revA card, two skype accounts w/ the new MPEG4 video codec, one booster to place at his chair so the laptop would be at table level, and one friendly waitress at the Slow Club, in San Francisco.

Mike and his wife Natalie ate Indian food at the same time we ate our lunch, and we could barely hear what he said during lunch but it was overall awesome. Seriously. Full set of photos on flickr

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