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New Team Members

Posted on Feb 24th, 2007 by Nate Bolt
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To support the growth of our research service business and the success of Ethnio, we have some new folks that have joined the team in the past couple of months. Cyd Harrell brings nine years of experience in UX to our team as our new Director of UX Research. Before joining the team, Cyd was a director at Charles Schwab for their representative facing financial service application. That’s RFFSA if you want to get technical.

Also joining the team is Bryan Tsao. Bryan is the 5th graduate of the UCSD HCI program in 5 years to join our team. In addition to helping B|P out with user research and the development of Ethnio, Bryan is getting his masters at from UC Berkeley in the new iSchool (Information Management and Systems). Welcome Cyd and Bryan! Now if you meet people from the iSchool at CAL, don’t say “so you go to iSchool?,” because it sounds like you are asking if they go to high school, and that’s just awkward.
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