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BayCHI and UX Magazine

Posted on Oct 14th, 2008 by Nate Bolt
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On Aug. 12th 2008, literally dozens of BayCHI attendees fled the packed PARC conference hall after the sheer exuberance of Nate Bolt’s talk, “in the moment: research about life not just interfaces,” brought down the roof, which was on fire. Nobody was permanently harmed, but nearly half in attendance remain severely rocked. On top of that, User Experience Magazine, which I’m sure you read “just for the articles”, has published our article on client participation in remote research. That is a quick follow up to CHI accepting Tony and Nate’s paper, “Science of Fun: One-to-Many Moderating” that we used for Spore testing. This goes to show that enough talent, hard work, insight, and blackmail will get you published just about anywhere.

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