Here's the thing - Bolt | Peters was acquired by Facebook. This site will live on.

Nate Bolt, President

Nate co-founded Bolt | Peters and created three key lines of business over ten years. The first was a consulting practice with a team of 5-10 interaction design researchers. Second was an events business with 1-3 casual events per years. Third was a product that eventually was spun-off into a separate company, Ethnio.

Nate loves Indie music. Please ask him about this (on his facebook wall).



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Cyd Harrell, Vice President

Cyd ran the research practice at Bolt | Peters for almost six years, overseeing more than a hundred research and UX projects and coaching one of the world’s top research teams. She established BP as a leader in analysis as well as technique. Following her passion for civic UX, she mentored Code for America’s first two classes of Fellows in citizen experience and research.

Her name, C-Y-D, stands for “cool your duals,” because she’s the coolest damn cucumber in the bunch. Like we even have to mention that.




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Jodi Leo, Director of UX

Jodi established the New York City research & design wing of Bolt | Peters out of Studiomates. In addition to managing clients such as The New York Times, Lexus, and Wiley Publishing, she brought in new business, mentored new designers, did a bunch of design, conducted ethnographic, remote, and lab studies. She also represented Bolt | Peters in 2012’s UX4Good in New Orleans.

It’s well known that Jodi has admired the amazing work at Bolt | Peters for years prior to joining the team and considers it an honor to have counted herself amongst their ranks. In her spare time she runs an artists’ residence in RI. She apologizes profusely for this photo.




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Stephanie Carter, Researcher & Designer

As lead researcher at Bolt | Peters, Stephanie worked on more than 30 UX research and design projects with clients ranging from Dreamworks and Sony to and the New York Times. With an MFA from the Stanford Design School, Stephanie led the incorporation of design thinking into B|P design research projects, and pioneered the new personas methodology that she subsequently presented at SXSW Interactive in 2012.

She also has a lopsided bunny named Elbo and sips cautiously at kale juice.




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Kate Nartker, Art Director

Kate was the artistic heart of BP, collaborating with Nate on every stop-motion video and many of the communications that set the unique house style. She recently earned her MFA in Design from California College of the Arts, and has exhibited her work in Norway and San Francisco.

Kate’s work will be in the Whitney and Venice Biennial celebrations of fine art within a year or two, so do yourself a favor and buy some now. She is considering incorporating M&Ms into her creations, as a giant bottle of them follows her around mysteriously.





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Sarah Spitler, UX Researcher

Sarah delighted clients from Autodesk to Lexus as she designed and moderated studies, focusing on remote research, qualitative analysis, and design recommendations. She was instrumental in the research that led to Ethnio’s v3 redesign. She has an educational background in Art and UX.

We have been doubting whether Sarah is actually a Cylon. She is superhuman and is a famous animal impersonator.




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Catherine Ho, Junior UX Researcher

Catherine worked on UX research and design projects with clients such as Harvard Business School Publishing, New York Times, and VMware. Catherine is also co-founder and client relations lead with TinyGOOD, a design collective focused on solving problems with local communities in need, and with them most recently created games for the Learning Landscape tire playground and messaging strategies for Wild4life, and HIV testing program in rural sub-Saharan Africa

Catherine can move objects telepathically and empathically.




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Lindsey Miller, Office Superstar

Lindsey ran the day to day operations at the Bolt | Peters office in San Francisco. In addition to keeping the office sane and running smoothly, she also drafted proposals, analyzed spreadsheets, and handled the human resources & administrative side of things.

Lindsey’s fascination with human interaction and her Global Studies BA make her the ideal fit for working with the ever-evolving Ethnio.

Lindsey was the recipient of the illustrious “where’s my $20?” presidential certificate of honor and can keep her cool under 25k pounds of pressure.




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Sela, Dog

Sela will be joining petfinder.




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Distinguished Alumni

Brian Patrick Enright
Julia Houck-Whitaker
Mike Towber
Benjamin Lerch