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Jim Hollan

Professor of Cognitive Science, Director of Distributed Cognition & HCI Lab

After completing a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University, James D. Hollan was on the faculty at the University of California, San Diego for a decade. Along with Edwin Hutchins and Donald Norman, he led the Intelligent Systems Group in the Institute for Cognitive Science. He left UCSD to become Director of the MCC Human Interface Laboratory and subsequently established the Computer Graphics and Interactive Media Research Group at Bellcore. In 1993, he moved to the University of New Mexico as Chair of the Computer Science Department. In 1997, he returned to UCSD as Professor of Cognitive Science. In collaboration with Edwin Hutchins, he directs the Distributed Cognition and Human-Computer Interaction Lab.


Craig Peters

CEO of Awasu Design


As co-founder of Bolt | Peters, Craig brought insight and clear planning to the remote research process. Since then he has gone on to start Awasu Design, a user-experience design consultancy based in San Francisco, with clients ranging from small startups to big corporate clients like Wells Fargo. He is a user experience practice, management, and organizational strategy consultant who speaks at conferences on how enterprises can enable their user experience personnel to be more effective and make greater impact.

Craig evangelizes remote research whenever he can and is, of course, a big fan of the Bolt | Peters’ parties.


Bob Bolt

Business and Corporate Lawyer


Admitted to the private practice of law in 1971, Bob brings over 37 years of corporate and business law and managerial experience to Bolt Peters. Beginning in 1976, after completing his legal education at New York University, clerking for a federal judge in Washington, D.C., and working as an associate in another law firm, Bob co-founded the law firm of Barnett, Bolt, Kirkwood, Long & McBride in Tampa, and then served for over 32 years as its Chairman, CEO and Managing Shareholder. For 20 years of that period he also served as outside General Counsel and on the Executive Committees of three large chain retailers based in Tampa and Dallas/Ft. Worth, two of which were publicly-traded. Bob’s extensive corporate background provides BP the insight needed to understand and anticipate the needs of its growing institutional client community. BP also welcomes Bob’s advice on managerial issues and best management practices.


Judy McCann

Attorney at Law


Judy brings her 25 years experience as a trial lawyer and mediator to advise on and avoid legal difficulties. She maintains a general litigation practice with emphasis on employment law and civil rights. Her experience as a mediator affords B|P some insight into innovative and cooperative ways of doing business. Judy’s knowledge gained by running the business of her solo practice in Sebastopol, CA adds perspective to our company decisions.